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Effective Amazon advertising campaign management is crucial for your brand’s success. At AmazonOgrapher, we provide comprehensive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management services to help you achieve better results and grow your sales. Our experienced team optimizes your ad campaigns using proven strategies, ensuring that your advertising budget is utilized efficiently and delivers a high return on investment.

Benefits of Hiring an Amazon PPC Management Agency

By partnering with AmazonOgrapher’s PPC management services, you can expect to:

Realistic advertising

Set clear and realistic advertising goals

Structured marketing

Establish a well-structured marketing strategy that aligns with your business needs

Marketing budget

Maximize results from your marketing budget

Achieve a positive

Achieve a positive return of ad spend (RoAS)

Increase profits

Increase revenue and profits while keeping ACoS low

Essential business

Focus on other essential business activities

Our Stories

Our Success Stories: Starpil, Nova, and EVA

Our work with Starpil, Nova Wax, and Eva Professional Hair Care highlights the effectiveness of our PPC Management services. After an initial collaboration that improved their e-commerce presence, we continued to provide PPC Management and Listing Optimization services, resulting in a 55% increase in revenue and an improved RoAS for all three brands. Read our case study for more details.

Expert Team

Our experienced team of PPC experts uses data-driven insights to create targeted campaigns that maximize visibility and drive sales.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a range of PPC Management services, including campaign setup, keyword research, bid management, ad copywriting, and performance tracking.

Performance Optimization

Our continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns help our clients achieve their advertising goals and improve their Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).


With our PPC Management services, clients can save time and resources while achieving better results from their advertising investments.

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Proven Track Record

AmazonOgrapher is a leading Amazon PPC management agency with a track record of success. By choosing us for your PPC management needs, you can rest assured that you are working with a trusted partner committed to helping you succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Boost your Amazon advertising efforts and achieve outstanding results with AmazonOgrapher’s expert PPC Management services. Let us help you grow your sales, increase revenue, and maintain a low ACoS.


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What we have done

Our seamless onboarding process includes



Discuss your goals, budget, and expectations with our PPC experts.


Campaign setup

Create and structure your PPC campaigns for optimal results.


Ongoing Optimization

Regularly adjust bids, budgets, and targeting for maximum performance.


Reporting & Analysis

Receive detailed reports and insights to track your campaign’s success.

A+ Content & Storefront

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Planning and pre-production

Developing the video project, brainstorming ideas, and creating the production structure.

Writing the script

Crafting a persuasive script that highlights the product's unique selling points and generates interest.

Meeting with clients

Ensuring a clear understanding of clients' requirements and delivering tailored solutions.

Filming and editing

Capturing high-quality visuals and editing them to create a captivating and informative video.